TAT pose for energy healing


* With one hand (either), lightly touch the tip of the thumb to the area 1/8-inch above the inner corner of your eye.

* With the fourth finger (ring finger) of the same hand, lightly touch the tip of the finger to the area 1/8-inch above the inner corner of the other eye.

* Both fingertips are now on either side of the bridge of your nose, just slightly glancing on the tear ducts..

* Place the tip of the middle finger at the point midway between, and about 1/2 inch above, eyebrow level.

* You now have all three fingertips lightly touching the three points.

*Now place your other hand on the back of your head, with the palm touching the head so that the thumb is resting at the base of the skull just above the hairline.

* The palm cradles the base of your skull. 

* Both hands should be resting gently. No pressure is necessary. 

* Focus is placed within, without strain.


That's the pose. You hold the pose as you go through the steps of TAT, bringing about energy healing / spiritual healing, leading you to greater peace, wholeness, relaxation and empowerment through dissolving links to traumatic stress, limiting beliefs, negative feelings, thoughts and reaction patterns. If you feel that you want guidance and the extra energy that comes with working with an energy healer, please contact me to arrange an appointment.